At Farm Cut™, we believe our “comfort foods made from superfoods” have the power to greatly affect employee morale, focus, general health, and wellness. That’s why our logo features rosemary, an herb known to help improve concentration, memory, and mood. Our seasonal meals, made without a trace of refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or harmful additives, are designed to help fight fatigue, maintain alertness, and promote productivity throughout the day. Beyond the benefits of the nutritionally-dense quality of our food, there are many other advantages of making team meals a work perk in your office:

  • Competitive Hiring Advantage: 45% of corporate employees say that the availability of healthy, free lunches would strongly influence their decision to accept a job offer, creating a competitive advantage for recruiting top talent.

  • More Creativity: Family-style meals promote cross-functional team interaction, and foster a sharing of ideas and more creativity.

  • Greater Productivity and Employee Retention: A WorkSphere survey found that 30% of participants said that access to free food greatly contributed to workplace happiness, which can lead to greater productivity and employee retention.

  • Better Work Output: 40% of corporate employees said that having food in the office would reduce stress, which creates a more productive working environment.

  • More Employee Value: Catered meals provide a return on employee’s time efficiency and value by getting teams in the office earlier for breakfast, keeping them inside for lunch, and having them stay later for dinner.

  • Reduced Healthcare Costs: According to the Harvard School of Public Health, businesses spending $1 on employee health and wellness programs can expect a $3.27 reduction in healthcare costs. Offering healthy foods to employees keeps them fit and in your office, not the doctor’s office.